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September 11, 1994

Cummings for State Senate

. . . For the race for Maryland Senate, 5th District, I asked myself what is the most important topic related to the interaction between the state and Carroll County and what is the difference among the candidates with regard to this topic. There are two Democrats, Cynthia Huggins Cummings and Rachelle Feldman-Hurwitz, and one Republican, the incumbent senator, Larry Haines.

What is the major concern for a state senator with regard to Carroll County? Obtaining state funding for projects and assistance in Carroll County. What is the major need in this regard? Funding for local public education, particularly for capital improvements.

Who is the major employer in Carroll County -- the one with the most employees and the largest payroll? Education, in general, but public education specifically. What is heavily impacted by growth? Education. With what are many parents concerned? Education. What do many employers look for when deciding whether to locate their businesses and industries in an area, bringing jobs to that area? An educated work-force. All of the answers to these questions point to education as the most important topic in the Senate race.

I next asked myself which one of the candidates best knows about the needs and problems relating to education in Carroll County. To me, the answer is obvious. With her interest, background and experience . . . Cynthia Huggins Cummings. I certainly intend to vote for her both in the coming primary and in the general election.

Dan Bridgewater


Scott for School Board

The Carroll County public school system is considered one of the finest in the state. This is due to having excellent teachers, staff and a Board of Education that has consistently made intelligent decisions on both economic matters and educational policy.

Carolyn Scott has served on the Carroll County Board of Education since 1989 and has acted as board president since 1993. The success of our school system is in no small way due to her leadership. The students have scored above the state average on standardized tests and our system is one of only two systems that have attained all 13 of the state educational objectives.

In addition to fostering high educational standards with the development of a school improvement plan, Mrs. Scott has promoted a smoother working relationship with the county government. She has participated in making the economic decisions necessary for developing and balancing the budget as XTC well as overseeing the opening and remodeling of numerous school buildings.

I wish to urge the voters to return Carolyn Scott to the Board of Education in the coming election.

Robert E. Kersey


15 Years or 20?

Carroll County State's Attorney Tom Hickman is among those who have posted signs illegally on state property. I have noticed some of his signs claim 15 years of experience, others 20 years of experience. Wouldn't Carroll be better served by a prosecutor who abides by the law and can remember how much experience he has?

Gene Edwards


Ridgely for Commissioner

Carroll County needs Cornelius "Neil" Ridgely for commissioner. Neil understands the problems out-of-control growth have caused for Carroll County. He will not be a commissioner who is controlled by the developers. His campaign will not accept donations from developers or firms representing them before county government. . . .

Out-of-control growth is overcrowding our schools and putting strains on our natural resources. We need a better way to manage our solid waste disposal through composting and recycling programs, not incineration. The need for growth is in economic development, providing safe, good paying jobs, especially in small- to medium-sized businesses where most of the jobs are. It's time to concentrate on improving and upgrading existing roads.

Neil does not support the idea of the extension of Interstate 795 or a Westminster bypass. He feels the upgrade of Route 140 can and must be done to solve the problems in that area. He has supported the "Carroll Life" group which has opposed the Westminster bypass from the beginning of its existence.

He came to our first meeting on the parking lot of Westminster High School. He listened to our concerns and understands them because he shares them. He heard our voices long before we became so vocal. . . .

Linda Hagan


Barnes' Record in Frederick

. . . I first met Jerry Barnes in 1991 when he came to Frederick County as our chief narcotics prosecutor. At that time I too was a prosecutor in Frederick County. Not only did Jerry earn my respect but he also earned the respect of the law enforcement community, the defense attorneys and the drug dealers. . . . Jerry put in incredibly long days and continues to do so. . . .

Whenever any prosecutor had a question regarding a case Jerry was willing to assist them. This is especially important with younger prosecutors. . . .

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