Voters' Guide Correction

September 11, 1994

This candidate biography and position statement were inadvertently omitted from the Aug. 28 Voters' Guide:

Kauko H. Kokkonen


2nd Congressional District

Biography: 56, (Education) B.A., paralegal certificate. (Member) American Legion, Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs, Central Baltimore County Democratic Club. (Volunteer) Legislative liaison to Annapolis for 10 years.


Health Care: Supports "fast trigger" plan if managed competition does not bring reforms. Congressional enactment of cost containment and malpractice reform. Let health care professionals do their jobs and keep lawyers out of operating rooms and patients' bedsides.

Crime: Since I served in the Army (1962-1963) military-style boot camps for young offenders. Speed up appeals process and reduce legal loopholes for criminals. Enforce existing laws against those who commit crimes with guns.

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