From The Sun Sept. 11-17, 1844* Sept. 11: To-morrow, the...


September 11, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 11-17, 1844

* Sept. 11: To-morrow, the twelfth of September, the anniversary of the Battle of North Point, will be a great day in Baltimore. There will be a celebration by the Old Defenders of Baltimore, as usual; and there will be a Democratic celebration also.

* Sept. 13: We learn that on Wednesday, as the Cumberland cars were on their way from Baltimore, a lady passenger gave birth to a fine child while crossing the Harper's Ferry Bridge.

From The Sun Sept. 11-17, 1894

* Sept. 12: A bull on a rampage created excitement in several parts of the city yesterday. The animal was being led from the home of its owner, on the Harford Road, toward the western part of the city. The bull went along quietly until it reached the corner of Fayette and Harris streets, where it made a sudden -- towards Leah Jacobs, aged 13.

* Sept. 13: A tournament, a base-ball game and horse and bicycle races took place at the colored people's fair at Timonium yesterday.

From The Sun Sept. 11-17, 1944

* Sept. 11: All the tiresome claptrap of the conventional horror film is used again in "The Cry of the Werewolf," now at the Valencia Theater.

* Sept. 14: Work is more to the liking of married women than to single women, but not in the home, according to a survey of 50 women war workers in Baltimore. Of 34 married women questioned, 25 -- or 75 percent -- want to keep their jobs after the war.

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