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September 09, 1994|By Bill Free

Francis Scott Key Eagles

1993 record: 3-7. Coach: Mike Coons

Top players: Chris Richardson, Sr., RB; Robert Buntin, Sr., G/QB; Greg Bowers, Sr., FB; Scott Compton, Jr., FB; J. T. Chianittini, Jr., QB; David Norwood, Jr., G; John Frech, Sr., T; Courtney Woodyard, Jr., SE.

Outlook: Look for the Eagles to show some wing-T offense along with their usual I formation. Coons believes Key's small offensive line is more suited for the wing-T, which emphasizes execution more than power blocking and running.

Whatever offense Key runs, the go-to-guy will be Richardson, who is a rambling 5-foot-11, 195-pound talent. Coons said

Richardson will have a big season if he realizes he has to punish defenders instead of trying to run past them.

"Chris is not a sprinter," said Coons. "His forte is to punish. I like to pick at him a lot and get him angry. He's real sensitive and has a sulking demeanor. Sometimes he takes criticism to heart and stays in a shell. Other times he lashes out and runs hard -- that's the response you want. When he gets mad and starts fighting back on the field, I'm glad I have a whistle and clipboard."

Other top Key runners are expected to be fullbacks Compton and Bowers. It appears that Buntin and Chianittini will share quarterbacking duties, depending on how well the line is blocking. If the line can get the job done with Buntin at quarterback and not at guard, he will call the signals. But if the blocking breaks down, Buntin will move to the line and Chianittini will be the quarterback.

Richardson and Buntin are All-Carroll County first-team selections back from last season.

As usual, the Eagles would love to play at least .500 football after two straight 3-7 seasons.

But that will be hard to do with nine games against Monocacy Valley Athletic League teams such as Walkersville, Middletown, Boonsboro and Brunswick.

Liberty Lions

1993 record: 1-9. Coach: Ken Johnson

Top players: Dave Tumblin, Sr., G; Jon Barnowski, Sr., QB; Mike Shilling, Sr., C; Brian Field, Sr., LB; Terry Rheubottom, Sr., FB; Ryan Pagels, Soph., QB; Brandon Scarborough, Jr., RB; Eric Cook, Sr., RB; Bobby Dickey, Sr., DT; Jimmy Smutek, Jr., DT; Bobby Shaffer, Jr., RB.

Outlook: Johnson, in his second year at Liberty, has increased his coaching staff to eight and has generated more interest in football at the school by having "coaches at the middle schools talking it up."

That resulted in approximately 20 more students coming out for the team this season. Johnson hopes to use those players to provide depth in case injuries start to mount.

The Lions will be a more experienced team this season because Johnson started going to underclassmen early last season in an attempt to build for the future.

Barnowski and Pagels are locked in a battle for the quarterback job. Barnowski has the edge in experience but Pagels is a talented sophomore.

Barnowski is one of seven offensive starters back, giving Johnson the option of going with an all-veteran backfield that also would include Rheubottom, Scarborough and Cook in the )) wing-T. Shaffer is pushing Scarborough for a starting position in the offensive backfield, said Johnson.

The Lions have worked hard to master the wing-T since Johnson came to town and are much farther ahead in execution of the multiple-option offense than they were last year at this time.

Two juniors -- safety Tyrone Ellis and defensive tackle Gaelen Cross-- have progressed rapidly in preseason workouts and are expected to help make the defense much stronger than last year.

North Carroll Panthers

1993 record: 0-10. Coach: Bill Rumbaugh

Top players: Bill Beltz, Sr., G; Bert Magladry, Sr., T; Jason Sims, Sr., C; Bryan Cutair, Sr., FB; Tom Kiler, Jr., S/QB; Bryan Hall, Jr., FB; Shane Simantel, Sr., QB; Chris Bonner, Sr., WB; Erik Hott, Sr., RB; Randy Sullivan, Jr., G.

Outlook: Rumbaugh hopes all the disciplinary problems of 1993 are behind him, and he can concentrate on winning football games. He came into the North Carroll program last season and cleaned house early, electing to go with underclassmen over seniors in an attempt to build for the future.

That didn't sit too well with the seniors and their parents, resulting in some turmoil.

Like Johnson at Liberty, Rumbaugh is staying with the wing-T and is looking for marked improvement in execution. He has openly said he is putting pressure on his offensive line to make the wing-T work. The top performer on that line is Beltz, who was the Panthers' lone first-team All-Carroll choice last season. Beltz, Magladry and Sims are expected to be senior leaders on the offensive line.

Rumbaugh said Beltz is stronger and has more agility than last season thanks to wrestling last winter and playing lacrosse in the spring.

If the line produces, Rumbaugh believes quarterbacks Simantel and Kiler and running backs Cutair, Hall, Bonner and Hott will be able to score.

South Carroll Cavaliers

1993 record: 4-6. Coach: Gene Brown

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