Life's lessons abound for Md. best teacher

September 09, 1994|By Carol L. Bowers | Carol L. Bowers,Sun Staff Writer

Linda Adamson can't help herself when it comes to teaching.

Moments after winning Maryland's educational "Oscar" -- the state Teacher of the Year Award -- someone complimented Mrs. Adamson on her beautifully colored dress.

And the fifth-grade teacher from Mayo Elementary School in Anne Arundel County smiled and began a new lesson in between congratulatory hugs and tears of joy.

"Actually, it's a blouse and skirt from Guatemala," she explained. "I bought it in Guatamala when I was there in July working on a literacy project. The top is called a huipil -- that's h-u-i-p-i-l. The embroidery pattern on the huipil is what identified the village you're from. The skirt is called a corte -- that's c-o-r-t-e -- and it's a single piece of fabric held together with a faja, which is a belt."

In her classroom in the southern part of the county, Mrs. Adamson wears a lot of clothing from Guatemala, she said, "so the children can see this is a real part of me and they can learn a lot from this rich, ancient culture."

As the winner, Mrs. Adamson was presented with a check for $2,000. She also becomes the state's nominee for national Teacher of the Year, to be chosen next spring.

Mrs. Adamson was among 23 teachers chosen as the best in their school districts, and she was among the seven finalists.

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