For Glendening and Bentley

September 08, 1994

Sorting through the maze of candidates for governor has gotten progressively easier as the campaign has unfolded. The cream has indeed floated to the top -- in this case Democrat Parris Glendening and Republican Helen Bentley.

Mr. Glendening has presented voters with the most coherent and comprehensive program of any candidate in the field. His 12 years of executive experience running Prince George's County give him a clear picture of what it takes to run a massive bureaucracy -- and to do so in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Mrs. Bentley is the same kind of "do it now" politician as Gov. William Donald Schaefer. Her support for Maryland jobs and development has been second to none in her 10 years in Congress.

These are the two gubernatorial candidates The Sun endorses for Tuesday's primary election. They have sharp philosophical differences about the role of government and how they would operate as Maryland's chief executive. But they are the best in lTC their respective parties.

* * * In the race for attorney general, our endorsement goes to Eleanor M. Carey, who served for eight years as chief deputy in that office. She is a solid lawyer and a very good administrator -- a critical skill in what amounts to the state's largest law shop.

Her main opponent, Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, seems worn out. He also lacks a clear definition of his responsibilities, as was evident in the embarrassing Keno contract dispute.

There is no Republican primary for attorney general this year, since only Richard D. Bennett filed. The former U.S. attorney for Maryland could be a tough general election foe.

* * * Democrat Louis L. Goldstein deserves re-nomination in his quest for a 10th term as comptroller. He is a living legend in Maryland and continues to run his office with quiet efficiency. His inexperienced primary foe, James Moorhead -- backed by out of state money -- has run a negative campaign that has not held up under scrutiny.

On the Republican side, Richard P. Taylor is our recommendation. Mr. Taylor is a Montgomery County lawyer with long years of dedicated service to the state GOP. He has been the party's national committeeman for the past 11 years.

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