Modern, metal neck band should delight bold Scorpio


September 08, 1994|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Q: I want to give the woman in my life a present of jewelry for her birthday in October. It must be strong and modern as she likes making a bold statement with her accessories. She's a Scorpio and has an artistic side. Any suggestions?

A: I took your question to New York designer Robert Lee Morris. He's a leader in modern jewelry design and works in silver, gold-plated brass and 18-carat gold. He recommends a neckband for a bold Scorpio woman.

"It's perfect for both day and evening dressing," he says. "If it fits close to the base of the neck, it will be visible with any kind of dress or suit."

As an example Morris does a clean, curved band in one piece of sculptured metal that hugs the neck.

"It's a bold, timeless statement. It should survive the trends in fashion as well as the charismatic nature of a Scorpio."

Q: Are designers on a suicide mission? They are giving women so many hemline choices that we don't know what to choose. They show skirts at the ankle, below the knee, at the knee and thigh-high. How can we possibly choose what to wear when the designers can't make up their own minds?

A: Freedom of choice can be hard. But I think we can be grateful that we are offered so much. We are being treated as individuals, and designers now are more important than ever because they offer so many options.

Q: On our first visit to Europe this fall my husband and I have been invited to attend a Baroque music concert in an 18th-century German castle. There will be a dinner following the concert, and the whole event will be strictly black tie.

My husband owns a tux which he'll take, but he wants to get a colored bow tie and cummerbund. I think that's tacky. Whose side are you on?

A: I asked Italian designer Laura Biagiotti for advice. Her husband, Gianni Cigna, is one of the best-dressed men in Europe.

"European men tend to dress more formally than Americans," she said. "I'd say a definite 'no' to the colored bow tie and cummerbund. For a formal occasion like this, the way for men to go is strictly by-the-book."

Elsa Klensch is Style Editor for Cable News Network. Her program can be seen each weekend on CNN.

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