Planning panel denies Raincliffe rezoning petition

September 07, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

The Sykesville Planning and Zoning Commission last night denied a petition to rezone Raincliffe Center, the town's only industrial land.

David Moxley, owner and developer of the 32-acre site, had petitioned the commission in June for the rezoning from industrial to residential. Under residential zoning, he plans to build 192 townhouses on the property along Route 32 at Raincliffe Road.

The panel's unanimous recommendation, which includes staff reports and comments from county officials, will go to the Town Council, which has scheduled a Sept. 26 public hearing on the issue.

Mr. Moxley said he was not surprised at the commission's action, but added he will rely on the Town Council, which has final authority on the petition.

"We will go to the Town Council and present our case," Mr. Moxley said. "I expected the commission to deny us."

Mr. Moxley said he had found several errors in the staff reports, prepared by Town Manager James L. Schumacher, but he declined to discuss them in detail.

"The fact is the land has been zoned industrial since 1977," said Mr. Moxley. "I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and have not been able to develop it. Public financing didn't work either."

Mr. Schumacher said rezoning approval would have to be based on a mistake in the original zoning or a substantial change in the neighborhood.

"There has been no change in the town since 1988, when the industrial zoning was adopted," said Mr. Schumacher. "The property was annexed for the sole reason of its industrial zoning."

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