Chargers: Elway's slip not luck

September 06, 1994|By Vito Stellino

Don't tell the San Diego Chargers they were lucky to beat the Denver Broncos when a pass slipped out of John Elway's hands near the goal line in the final 35 seconds Sunday night.

After reviewing the videotape of the Chargers' 37-34 victory when linebacker Junior Seau grabbed the ball that slipped out of Elway's hands as he tried to throw from the Chargers' 3-yard line and pull out one of his trademark late wins, Chargers coach Bobby Ross said the mishap was due to good pressure by his team.

"Obviously, the last play was a pressure play," Ross said. "Junior wouldn't have been there if we hadn't had some kind of pressure."

He emphasized the Chargers earned the victory.

"I think there's always an element of luck in a game, but we played hard," Ross said. "We deserved to win. I can't say it was a cheap win. We earned some things."

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