An Elvis almanac through 2000

September 05, 1994|By Laura Lippman

Need a reason to get out the party hats, bake a cake and invite people over? Not to worry -- with a good reference book at your side, you can come up with meaningless milestones every day, just like the professionals in marketing and media.

Take, for example, Elvis Presley. Is it possible to find a reason to write about him every year through 2000 A.D.? Is Graceland in Memphis?

We were able to do this exercise in 10 minutes, without even referring to "The Ultimate Elvis: Elvis Presley Day By Day" (Simon & Schuster, $30), which includes such important dates as the day he fired his gardener (Sept. 19, 1967).

1994: 25th anniversary of Elvis' first performance in Las Vegas

1995: Elvis 60th birthday, Jan. 8

1996: 30th anniversary of what may have been the most memorable year for Elvis movies "Frankie and Johnny," "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and "Spinout"

1997: 20th anniversary of Elvis' death. 30th anniversary of Elvis' marriage to Priscilla

1998: Five years since a Presley has lived at Graceland (Aunt Delta died July 29, 1993). Lisa Marie turns 30.

1999: 30th anniversary of "From Elvis in Memphis," an album that includes "In the Ghetto" and "Suspicious Minds." Michael and Lisa Marie's 5th anniversary!

2000: Elvis begins drawing Social Security.

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