So you think you know all about baseball and 'Citizen Kane'

September 05, 1994|By Laura Lippman | Laura Lippman,Sun Staff Writer

Tonight, Monday Night Football settles in for its fall run and many of us will settle onto bar stools or into recliners to watch.

But what if there's a know-it-all at the neighborhood tavern or in your living room? Worse, what if it's your spouse, offspring or best buddy?

Bet him a beer he doesn't know who invented baseball. Or a soda that she doesn't know why Steve Guttenberg's honeymoon in "Diner" is doomed. Maybe even a plate of mozzarella sticks that he can't use "comprise" or "livid" correctly in a sentence.

The Sun has put together a quiz, based on conventional wisdom -- things we think we know, but often don't. These questions have been road-tested with great results, proving our thesis: The more sure you are, the more danger you're in. People with parochial school backgrounds missed the theology question, while an expert on presidential politics boggled one in his field.

No guarantees, of course, and, please, no whining about trickily worded questions. With any luck and the right delivery, you can become the neighborhood know-it-all. (Hint: Don't tell people the obvious answers are wrong.)

Of course, the down side is carrying all those reference books around, to prove you're right. You can always tell a know-it-all, but you can't tell him much.

1). Who invented baseball?

2). Why is the honeymoon of the Colts-loving character in "Diner" destined for failure?

3). What's the fastest animal?

4). Which U.S. president is a native of two states?

5). If you're "livid," what color is your face?

6). Can you use "comprise" correctly in a sentence?

7). What is the Immaculate Conception?

8). What was the first talking picture?

9). Which of Henry VIII's wives survived him?

10). Which of the U.S. presidents were born in Illinois?

11). Who was the first president whose vice president was almost dumped as his running mate? (Hint: The president was a popular war hero, the vice president survived the challenge and went on to become president.)

12). "Citizen Kane" revolves around a reporter's attempt to track down the meaning of "Rosebud," Charles Foster Kane's last word. Who heard him say it?

13). Why is Chicago the Windy City?

14). Who were the members of the first broadcast trio on Monday Night Football?

See answers on Page 2D.

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