I've got one more thing to blame on the salary cap -- it's...

September 04, 1994|By VITO STELLINO

I've got one more thing to blame on the salary cap -- it's now tougher to pick games.

I'm almost serious about this. Look at the 1 p.m. TV games. The Redskins used to be a lock against the Seahawks. Now, who knows? And the Eagles spent the week complaining about salary cuts. It's not the best way to get ready to play the Giants.

Oh, you remember I wasn't exactly hitting bull's-eyes in the days before there was a cap. But it's my story and I'm sticking to it.

* Seattle at Washington (-1 1/2 ) -- Now that the Redskins are talking about making people get entry passes to get into their proposed Laurel stadium at the parking lots and train and bus stations (and you can't get one if you arrive by taxi), I can imagine this scenario: Paul Tagliabue flies in, takes a taxi to Laurel, walks up to the gate and says, "I'm the commissioner." The guy at the gate says, "I don't care who you are, you don't get in without an entry pass."

Take Seattle: Seahawks 20, Redskins 17

* Cleveland (-4) at Cincinnati -- The Browns are playing a team this week that even Vinny Testaverde can beat.

Take Cleveland: Browns 28, Bengals 17

* Atlanta at Detroit (-4 1/2 ) -- The Lions hope Scott Mitchell's arm isn't tired from carrying that big contract.

Take Detroit: Lions 24, Falcons 14

* Minnesota at Green Bay (-2) -- Did you see they cheered Brett Favre for throwing a ball out of bounds in the preseason to avoid possible interception? The standards are higher for the regular season. They'll want completions.

Take Minnesota: Vikings 21, Packers 14

* Tampa Bay at Chicago (-6 1/2 ) -- It's interesting that one of the three trustees empowered to sell the Bucs is Jack Donlan, former head of the Management Council under Pete Rozelle. He was fired by Tagliabue. What will his reaction be when Tagliabue tells him not to sell to a Baltimore group?

Take Chicago: Bears 21, Buccaneers 7

* Houston (-3) at Indianapolis -- Did you notice the Colts were unbeaten in the preseason? Just goes to show you that exhibition games are meaningless.

Take Houston: Oilers 28, Colts 13

* Kansas City (-2 1/2 ) at New Orleans -- The Joe Montana watch starts today. How long can he stay healthy?

Take New Orleans: Saints 23, Chiefs 21

* Philadelphia at New York Giants (-3) -- I wonder how Phil Simms' shoulder is these days?

Take New York: Giants 20, Eagles 12

* New York Jets at Buffalo (-7) -- It's not the Super Bowl, so it's safe to pick Buffalo.

Take Buffalo: Bills 30, Jets 17

* Arizona (-6) at L.A. Rams -- They always have a "Please, Georgia, sell the team" sign at Rams games. Maybe some Baltimoreans can go (plenty of tickets are available) and put a sign "to Peter Angelos" right next to it.

Take Arizona: Cardinals 23, Rams 10

* Miami (-5) at New England -- Will Dan Marino ever be the same?

Take Miami: Dolphins 20, Patriots 10

* Dallas (-5 1/2 ) at Pittsburgh -- Will Cowboys owner Jerry Jones be on the sidelines whispering plays into coach Barry Switzer's ear?

Take Dallas: Cowboys 27, Steelers 17

* San Diego at Denver (-7) -- Bobby Ross probably misses those games against Wake Forest.

Take Denver: Broncos 21, Chargers 7


* L.A. Raiders at San Francisco (-7) -- Imagine Jerry Rice taking $170,000 out of his own pocket to fund the 49ers' practice squad. I wonder if he'll be a vice president in the Ed DeBartolo Corp. someday.

Take Los Angeles with the points: 49ers 24, Raiders 23

Best bests: Oilers, Bears, Browns and Cardinals.


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