5 school hopefuls plan light spending

September 04, 1994|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Sun Staff Writer

Five of the 11 candidates vying for two seats on the Carroll County Board of Education are planning minimal spending on their campaigns, but five others are putting several hundred dollars each into signs, bumper stickers, fliers and other media.

"The reason I'm spending money on campaigning is because the voters have to know who I am so they can vote for me," said Carole M. "Cyd" Pecoraro, who is leading the candidates in raising money, with $3,158 raised by the last reporting deadline, Friday.

Next is Thomas G. Hiltz, with $2,035, all but $35 his own money. Wayne Cogswell is the only contributor to his campaign, donating $2,000.

Gary W. Bauer has raised $1,611.74 and Laura E. Albers has raised $601.89, each from a variety of sources, including parents who oppose the adoption of outcomes-based education, goals for what students will be able to do by the end of a unit, course or by the time they graduate.

Mr. Bauer and Ms. Albers share some large contributors. Jerry Brunst of Westminster donated $100 to each of them, and William Bowen of Westminster donated $50 to each. Mr. Brunst, Mr. Bowen and the two candidates they support have been vocal opponents of outcomes-based education over the past 18 months.

Incumbent Carolyn L. Scott has raised $243.97, although she is not required to file if she raises less than $300.

Five candidates have chosen not to raise any more than $300, and filed affidavits to that fact. They are not required to disclose individual contributions.

The five are Michael R. Baker, Evelyn E. Butler, Kathleen P. Hamblet, Deborah J. Paisie and Deborah Jane Winter.

Ms. Pecoraro's husband, L. Gregory Pecoraro, is running for county Democratic Central Committee. Contributors to her campaign include several active Carroll Democrats, such as Phillip and Naomi Benzil, Scott Markle, Corynne Courpas and Ellen Willis.

But Ms. Pecoraro said part of her reason for spending money is to make her own name and her own views known.

Her largest contributor is developer Martin K. P. Hill, who donated $250. School board member C. Scott Stone donated $100.

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