Their work: Ms. Bryce and Mr. Davidson are the leaders of...


September 04, 1994

Their work: Ms. Bryce and Mr. Davidson are the leaders of a group of more than a dozen people who came together in the past year to form the Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization. Ms. Bryce is executive director, Mr. Davidson president.

About the organization: The center provides free mediation services and education to help community residents find ways to deal with conflicts other than through violence.

The center's earliest projects have focused on training sessions in local schools. The group recently trained students and faculty at Germantown Elementary School in Annapolis in mediation skills.

Ms. Bryce: "We both say basically the same thing. All we can take credit for is calling that first meeting.

"A number of us were talking about how much violence there is, just locally. So we were asking what could we do. We both knew people who knew about conflict resolution, so we thought we needed to bring all that energy together. Our vision came out in that first meeting. The energy just came together.

"We're set now to start with mediation in the community. We did a lot of research, calling conflict resolution centers. . . . "

Mr. Davidson: "We hit the mother lode of people that agreed there was a need. It was a joint development.

"We don't give any advice, we facilitate communication, a process that is voluntary and confidential. It has a lot to do with listening.

"We thought if we could establish a group of people who could use their communication skills in the community and in the school, we could do some good."

About the volunteers: Both live in the Bay Ridge section of Annapolis. Ms. Bryce owns Hats in the Belfry and Mr. Davidson is an engineer with the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority.

Ms. Bryce, a teacher for five years, has done volunteer work for the Legal Aid Bureau as a paralegal and was a finalist in April's JCPenney Golden Rule Volunteer awards for her work with the conflict resolution center. Both are active in the Bay Ridge Civic Association, and both belong to a group called Peace Action.

For more information: To seek assistance or to become a member or volunteer, call the offices at 32 Parole Plaza, 266-9033.

"Volunteer Spotlight" is compiled by Kevin Harrison. To recommend someone, call the Anne Arundel Bureau, 315-8911, any time or fax information to 315-8916 or mail it to: The Sun for Anne Arundel, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, 21122.

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