Leopold: Sun's Critique UnfairWhen it comes to the subject...


September 04, 1994

Leopold: Sun's Critique Unfair

When it comes to the subject of John Leopold, The Sun editors seem to have an aversion to fairness and objectivity. In a June 15 editorial, The Sun wrote that I "can be hard to pin down on issues." This intellectually dishonest disregard of the record was rebutted in my June 26 letter to the editor, which pointed out that during my two terms in the House of Delegates I sponsored 13 measures that passed the General Assembly. Cut by The Sun editors from that letter was a sentence that should be printed: that in order to shepherd my bills through the legislature, I demonstrated an ability to build coalitions with Democrats, as well as Republicans.

For The Sun to write in its endorsement editorial of Aug. 17 that I "seem not to possess the capability to work with others" is an egregious falsehood and one clearly rebutted by my legislative record. The House Republican leader, Ellen Sauerbrey, and the minority whip, Robert Kittleman, have stated publicly that I am "a cooperative team player" and "a perfect role model for Republicans around the state." Moreover, Del. Joseph Owens, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on which I served during my first legislative term, once wrote that I was "an effective member" of his committee and "fit in well with the committee system."

In 1982 and 1986, The Sun endorsed my candidacy for the House of Delegates. When The Sun editors made their second endorsement of my candidacy in 1986 when I ran for re-election, they certainly had ample opportunity to assess my "capability to work with others." It is unfortunate that The Sun editors reviewed the evidence of my legislative record objectively when I ran successfully for a second term but lost their grip on objectivity when reviewing the same record in 1994.

John R. Leopold


The writer is a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates in District 31.

Sophocleus and Seniors

Over the years, Ted Sophocleus was and is consistently a friend of all, especially the seniors. His generosity, compassion, thoughtfulness and willingness to work for the elderly has been demonstrated time and time again. His sensitivity and common good sense make possible a better way of life for many of us. . . . Please help him help us by casting your vote for a real friend of

the seniors.

Sophie Greco

Glen Burnie

Sophocleus and Security

It is encouraging to see that Theodore Sophocleus has been studying foreign approaches to public security. However, I am worried that the solutions of Belfast and Beirut are perhaps not the best for Anne Arundel County.

Local neighborhood communities in Beirut and Belfast "purchase" or "hire" their own para-military units to provide their own local security. At times these units operate out of local storefronts. This is, in fact, just what Mr. Sophocleus is calling for.

Instead of providing effective police protection for the entire county, Mr. Sophocleus is trying his best not to have to provide this needed protection, saving money for sure, but also neglecting the county's responsibility to all residents.

While public buildings, fire halls and police stations already exist in all localities, Mr. Sophocleus' plan (The Sun, Aug. 14) wishes to have our tax dollars spent renting stores (presumably vacant liabilities of mall developers) to be used as police substations (which would help mall operators and stores with their security as well as the community). From the store and mall operators' point of view, it is a great deal. They get county tax money to rent white elephant un-rentable stores (possibly at top dollar) and receive on-site security at county expense.

Meanwhile, instead of providing adequate countywide police protection to all residents, Mr. Sophocleus attempts to save money by allowing those communities with money to arm themselves with special security forces while those communities unable to foot the bill drown in a sea of crime. . . . The role of the politicians is to select, fund and manage effective services for all.

Conrad Jay Bladey


Environmental Justice?

. . . Tom Redmond and the "Anne Arundel County Voters for Environmental Justice" are perfect examples of an individual and an organization that are taking advantage of an opportunity for self-gain at the expense of others.

In Mr. Redmond's case, he is running for office in the hopes that he can change the zoning where his junk yard is located so that he can continue to run his business in a manner that is most profitable for him at the expense of the constituents, neighbors and the environment.

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