Voters' Guide Corrections

September 04, 1994

Three candidate biographies and position statements were inadvertently omitted from last Sunday's Voter's Guide, a publication compiled by the League of Women Voters and produced by The Sun.

Stephen Crawford

Democrat, 6th Congressional District

Biography: 51, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. President, Crawford & Associates, consulting firm, 1993-present. Active with professional, conservation, political and good government groups in the community.

Health Care: Universal coverage? Absolutely. It should include the full range of services (reproductive and otherwise) now available to the privately insured. Employers and employees should share the burden of health care contributions. Cost controls can help cut waste in the system, but applied recklessly, could do far more harm than good.


Crime: Yes, preserve gun-owning rights for the lawful. As a veteran, I understand firearms, and want a balance between constitutional rights and the assault-weapons plague. Training and early intervention for those tempted by lawbreaking is real crime prevention. Certainty of jail time and seriousness about domestic violence are priorities.

Welfare: Welfare should be aimed at those in real need, particularly poverty's principal victims, the young. Welfare should not underwrite illegitimacy and dependency. Honest reform ought to center on promotion of family solidarity and the message that larger and larger families will not mean more and more assistance.

Tim Knepp

Republican, 6th Legislative District, Senate

Biography: 39. J.D. Practicing attorney for 12 years.

Issues: I oppose any expansion of subsidized housing in the district. We should promote lower taxes and job growth. Much crime can be linked to unemployment. A societal goal of a job for everyone would do much to reduce crime, drug abuse and social decay. Employment bolsters self esteem and brings stability to family life. I support term limits and elimination of parole for repeat violent offenders.

Mark H. Wittstadt

Democrat, 42d Legislative District, Delegate

Biography: 28. J.D. Practicing trial attorney for previous 3 1/2 years representing a variety of individuals throughout the state.

Issues: I support the rights of all children to be entitled to the same quality education regardless of where that child may live. I would sponsor legislation eliminating parole for all violent offenders. I would support increased use of boot camps for repeat juvenile offenders. I support the rights of law abiding citizens to own legitimate firearms, but I support the banning of ,, certain handguns and other firearms that have no legitimate purpose.

Ellen Sauerbrey, Republican gubernatorial candidate, is 56, and holds an A.B. degree.

American Joe Miedusiewski, Democratic candidate for governor has been a member of the House of Delegates for 14 years,

Chairman of the Baltimore City Delegation and State Senator for six years. A member of the Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee and Chair of the Licensing and Regulation Sub-Committee. Also managed his family's business.

Robert T. Duckworth, candidate for clerk of court in Anne Arundel county, was erroneously listed as a Democrat. He is a Republican.

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