From The Sun Sept. 4-10, 1844Sept. 6: Dogs -- Twenty-eight...


September 04, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 4-10, 1844

Sept. 6: Dogs -- Twenty-eight hundred dogs have been exterminated in this city the present season.

Sept. 8: Academy for Young Ladies -- Miss Heath will resume the duties of her school on the first Monday in September, in Mulberry, between Green and Paca streets. Young ladies will be instructed in all branches of an accomplished education.

From The Sun Sept. 4-10, 1894

Sept. 4: Labor Day, by virtue of a recent act of Congress, was celebrated yesterday for the first time as a national holiday by observances in all parts of the United States. In Baltimore a street parade took place and was followed by a picnic under the management of the Federation of Labor at Darley Park.

Sept. 5: Gov. Frank Brown yesterday suggested a plan for the improvement of Pimlico course with the money derived from the insurance on the burned buildings. He thinks it would be wise to expend only so much as will be absolutely necessary to erect a comfortable grand stand and judges' stand.

From The Sun Sept. 4-10, 1944

Sept. 5: Homes in northern, northeastern and eastern Baltimore were shaken at 12:40 a.m. today by earth shocks. The Sun was flooded with phone calls from householders.

Sept. 6: After three years of separation, during which they fought on distant fronts, the three LaRicos brothers of Baltimore have been reunited. All received special leaves for a visit with their mother, Mrs. George LaRicos, of 3210 Mondawmin Avenue, who is ill.

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