Bell Atlantic enhances 4-1-1 for cellular users

September 03, 1994|By Michael Dresser | Michael Dresser,Sun Staff Writer

Dialing 411 from a Bell Atlantic Mobile cellular phone soon will get you a lot more than a phone number.

Beginning later this month, Bell Atlantic Mobile customers in Baltimore will be able to get hotel and restaurant listings, entertainment and sports event schedules and other information by calling that number or the area code and 555-1212.

The InfoAssist service will connect callers with an operator 24 hours a day, the company said. Operators will also be able to connect a caller automatically -- a service likely to be welcomed by people calling from their cars while in traffic.

Calling the service costs 75 cents per call over and above air time and long distance charges, but there is no charge for having the operator complete the call.

The service was introduced about 18 months ago in the Phoenix and Tucson markets.

It was expanded to Philadelphia last week and sometime next year, the company expects to expand the service to Pittsburgh and northern New Jersey.

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