New 1994 Rules Changes


New NFL rules thius season are designed to give offensivve play a major goost.

Two-point conversion

Ball will be placed on 2-yard line after a touchdown: offense has choice of kicking for one point or running or passing for two.

Radio helmets

Quarterback will receive plays from coaches through a scrambler-equipped radio in his helmet.

Roughing the passer

Defense has one step to make contact with passer after pass is released, instead of after completion of throwing motion; stricter enforcement againstdefense's stuffing quarter back to ground or driving him down after ball is thrown.

Offensive alignment

By lining up abouit a foot deeper off the line of scrimmage, offensive lineman can offer better protection for quarterback on pass plays and will have a better look at center's ball snap.

Kickoff from 30-yard line

VTC To produce more kickoff returns and better offensive field position, kickoffs will be moved from 35- to 30-yard line; tee no higher than one inch will be used (instead of optional one-, two- and three-inch tees.)

Missed field goals

To encourage first downs and touchdowns, ball will be placed a spot of a missed field-goal attempt instead of line of scrimmage - an increase of about 7 yards for team taking over on offense.


Unfair restriction of recivers by the defense within 5 yards of line of scrimmage and farther down field will be moniotored more closely.

Defense in neutral zone

The defense, instead of the offense, will be penalized when it enters the neutral zone (buffer between the two teams at line of scrimmage) and causes the offense to move.

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