Ex-McDonogh student gets probation

September 01, 1994|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Sun Staff Writer Sun staff writer Lem Satterfield contributed to this article.

An 18-year-old former McDonogh School football player -- and son of the former football coach there -- has pleaded guilty to battery and been granted probation before judgment in the beating of another McDonogh student.

In Baltimore County Circuit Court this week, Michael Ryan Working pleaded guilty to one count of battery in the March 22 beating of Adam John Vasilakis, a McDonogh baseball player who allegedly had poured urine on Michael's brother, John, during a hazing incident.

Michael and John Working allegedly attacked the Vasilakis youth in the McDonogh locker room in retaliation for the hazing incident, which occurred in Orlando, Fla., during a baseball team trip.

Judge John Grason Turnbull 2nd accepted the guilty plea, then granted a request for probation before judgment. Judge Turnbull placed Michael Working on 18 months' supervised probation and allowed him to leave Maryland to attend college, said Kim Detrick, an assistant state's attorney.

Ms. Detrick said she did not oppose the probation before judgment request and neither did the victim or the victim's father, Charles Vasilakis. Michael Working also was ordered to pay $804 to Charles Vasilakis for "out of pocket medical expenses" he incurred for treatment of his son's injuries.

"The main thing at this point was to get restitution to Mr. Vasilakis," said Ms. Detrick.

Richard Working, father of John and Michael and the former football coach at McDonogh, said yesterday that he had no comment because of a $1 million lawsuit he and his family filed against McDonogh over John's hazing.

In the suit, the Working family charges McDonogh officials with negligence in allowing the hazing incident to take place in an Orlando motel room during the baseball trip.

Several members of the baseball team, including the Vasilakis youth, allegedly humiliated John Working by tying him to a chair, blindfolding him, stuffing a sock in his mouth and pouring urine on his head. The Vasilakis youth is the one who doused John Working with urine, according to court records.

Police charging documents said John Working told his older brother about the hazing incident and the two planned to get back at Adam Vasilakis, waiting for him in the locker room.

When he entered the locker room, John Working began fighting with Adam Vasilakis, and Michael Working held the victim from behind to allow his younger brother to punch the victim, the documents said.

Ms. Detrick said yesterday that an account of the incident in the police charging documents incorrectly said Michael Working slammed Adam Vasilakis' head into a concrete wall at running speed. Actually, she said, according to witnesses, Michael Working shoved the victim, who fell forward and struck a wall. He suffered bruises, some memory loss and other injuries but has recovered.

John Working, 16, was charged as a juvenile. The brothers were dismissed from McDonogh and finished the year at Dulaney High School.

Initially, police charged Michael Working with assault with intent to murder, but the charge was dropped.

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