School board asks for $23.5 million to cover growth

August 31, 1994|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Sun Staff Writer

As growth in Carroll County balloons, the schools are asking for $15.8 million in county money and $7.7 million in state money for 1995-1996 capital improvement.

The Board of Education approved the request at a meeting last night, and will forward it to the county commissioners and to the screening committee for the state Board of Public Works.

"I do have a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about the state and county coming forward and finding the money for us," said board member C. Scott Stone. "I'm not optimistic about that."

Priorities in the request to the state are $3.4 million toward building a new Elmer Wolfe Elementary School; $3 million toward building Oklahoma Road Middle School; $1 million for renovations to six schools; and $65,000 to create new science classrooms at North Carroll and South Carroll high schools.

The board also is asking the state to approve planning, the step that comes one year before construction money, for elementary schools in Westminster and southeast Carroll.

In the county request, the priorities include $774,000 for moving portable classrooms to five schools around the county to follow growth.

"I think there's general recognition that this is the manner in which Carroll County schools must deal with growth," said Vernon Smith, director of school support services.

This summer, he said, the county spent more than $700,000 moving portables around to several schools.

Also in the request to the county are $2.3 million for furniture and equipment for the new schools and renovation projects for the next two years; $840,200 for air-conditioning improvements to South Carroll High School; $1 million toward buying land for schools; and $701,200 for additions to Westminster West Middle School.

At the bottom of the county request is $8.2 million for a new building to house school headquarters. The county plans to move school offices out of the current quarters in the Courthouse Annex because it needs that space for court offices.

The county commissioners have not decided where to put the school offices.

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