Dispute puts Daisy Court parking plan on hold

August 31, 1994|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Sun Staff Writer

A new proposal for Daisy Court in Taneytown would assign two parking spaces to each house.

But the plan, by Carroll Land Services of Westminster, is on hold because of a dispute that arose at the city's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Monday.

Acting commission Chairman James Parker moved to table the issue and study it further when City Manager John Kendall and Councilman Henry C. Heine came to what Mr. Kendall called a "standoff."

"I was hoping to have this resolved by the end of September," said Mr. Kendall of the parking problem. "Now it looks like it could be the end of October."

Most residents on the townstreet in the Cloverberry development own the two parking spaces in front of their homes, he said.

However, the residents in the end properties must use a common parking lot in the center of the court because their houses face other houses rather than the street.

The plan, for which Taneytown paid $12,335, calls for assigning two parking spaces to each house.

Residents with street-front property would keep the spaces they own, while owners of end properties would be assigned one spot from the common lot and another curbside space as close to the house as possible, Mr. Kendall said.

Councilman Heine opposed the plan, saying it reverses the precedent the council set dealing with parking problems on similar streets in Cloverberry.

In those cases, the council acknowledged the residents' ownership of two spaces and made the end property owners fend for themselves in the common lot and any remaining street parking.

"When those people bought the home, they had to realize at that time that they needed to rely on public parking," Mr. Heine said.

Planning and Zoning Commission members will discuss the issue at their next meeting, Sept. 26, Mr. Kendall said.

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