Candidates, Holland have falling out CAMPAIGN 1994

August 31, 1994|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Sun Staff Writer

Two Republican candidates for the House of Delegates in District 31 are asking Carl G. "Dutch" Holland, the county councilman in that district, not to use their names in any of his campaign literature because they discovered his campaign is heavily financed by developers.

Brian Brooks and James J. Riley, already politically estranged from Mr. Holland, said yesterday that they will send a certified letter this morning telling him they don't want to be connected with him in any way.

Mr. Holland said that's just fine with him.

"I disassociated myself from both of them two weeks ago because of differences in Republican philosophy," he said. "They're both ex-Democrats. All I've done for them since they've been Republicans is to help them out in any way I can. To say something like that is ungrateful on their part. This is a lame way of trying to get their name in the newspaper."

Mr. Holland was himself once a Democrat.

Overdevelopment along the Mountain Road corridor and the enforcement of the county's adequate facilities ordinance have emerged as key campaign issues in the races for both county and state offices in Pasadena and Riviera Beach.

"Every candidate I know is talking about the need to enforce the adequate facilities ordinance," Mr. Brooks said. "I just don't want to have developers' money to help spread my message around the campaign trail. I think that would be hypocritical."

"We are very much upset with all this traffic on Mountain Road," Mr. Riley said. "So if Dutch is in the hands of the developers, he may be directly responsible to some extent for this condition down here."

The flap is the latest evidence that the "Four for 94" ticket has crumbled.

The ticket for the District 31 race originally included Mr. Brooks and Mr. Riley, along with John F. McGagahan III, who also is running for delegate, and Joseph "Jack" Feehley, a Senate candidate. Earlier this month, it appeared that Nancy Shrum replaced Mr. Feehley as the Senate candidate on the ticket. But she said then she thought she was just sharing a mailing with her fellow Republicans and had no intention of becoming part of a slate of candidates.

Mr. Brooks and Mr. Riley said they learned of Mr. Holland's connection to developers from his campaign finance report filed Aug. 16.

The report, which covers contributions made since the last report in November, shows that more than $5,000 of the $20,000 Mr. Holland raised came from housing development companies and others related to the building industry.

Among the top contributors were Crosspointe Development of Severna Park, which gave $700; Country Club Construction of Millersville, which contributed $560; Anarex Inc., a Millersville engineering firm, which gave $400; Mandrin Construction Co. of Pasadena, which gave $400; Edison Electric Co., which gave $800; Taylor Builders of Orchard Beach, which gave $600; Old Mill Development of Severna Park, which gave $400; and Dales Manor Development of Severna Park, which gave $200.

In addition to his former allies, one of Mr. Holland's Republican opponents in the council primary, Romie A. Songer, has been hammering away at the contributors list.

It was Mr. Songer who brought the contributors list to the attention of Mr. Brooks and Mr. Riley.

"What I found is that nearly every campaign contribution he has received is from developers or from the related development business industry," he said. "This is the whole dirty, stinking mess that politics is all about."

The contributors, he said, should be "people who live here, who do the work and pay the bills."

Mr. Holland offers no apologies for his contributors. "These are small-business people who have contributed to my campaign," he said, adding that their support fits with his pro-business philosophy. "At no time have I interceded for them in any way. I don't operate that way."

He pointed out that he also accepted a $200 contribution from the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. political action committee, yet vigorously opposed their plans for a fly ash fill on the Marley Neck peninsula.

Both Mr. McGagahan and Ms. Shrum said they still support Mr. Holland and have no intention of dissociating themselves from him.

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