Eldersburg school holds celebrations for its 25th year


August 30, 1994|By SHERRY GRAHAM

The big yellow bus came down the road right on time yesterday. The dozen or so mothers at our stop let out a little sigh of relief when the door closed and the neighborhood's 30-some elementary students were on their way to school.

There were lots of smiles and a few tears from us moms as we walked home to face the day alone, many of us for the first time in years.

That's how it is for me. I put the third and final Graham brother on the bus for first grade.

But I must acknowledge that I was not one of the mothers crying as the bus pulled away. I know that he will adjust quickly and will be home again in seven hours, anxious to share all the neat things he did in first grade.


Twenty-five years ago, area children were eager to attend their first day of school in a brand new building. This year, Eldersburg Elementary School is celebrating its silver anniversary.

The school is planning a yearlong celebration to commemorate its 25-year history. Organizers have scheduled school activities around the 25th of each month and are inviting former students, faculty and staff to participate.

The highlight of the anniversary year will be a reunion at the school in March. Former students and staff who may wish to participate in the events are encouraged to call the school at 795-1700.


Every student knows that tests are a part of any school experience. Tests measure knowledge, progress and skill.

For students at the International Tae Kwon Do Academy in Eldersburg, Aug. 20 was test day. Students had the opportunity to test for the coveted black belt.

Josh Ahmanson, Justin Ahmanson, Jamie Ball, Peter DeMarzo, Marty Golden, Michael Golden, Gary Jones, Steven Keefe, Billy Metcalf, Joe Sour, Jessica Turbin and Dale Turek were all awarded the first-degree black belt.

To reach this level, the students are required to meet specific qualifications, including at least three years of continuous martial arts study; demonstration of all forms, including those at the black belt level; many self-defense techniques, jump kicks and sparring.

Students of martial arts usually find that breaking boards is the most exciting portion of the testing. Students ages 8 to 12 must break three boards with the hand and two with the foot. Ages 13 and older must break two bricks using the hand and a 2-inch-thick board with the foot.

The testing was conducted by several karate and tae kwon do experts, including Masters Jong Bae Rim, Eugene Teter, Bun Huor and Howard Mitchell.

The academy has a busy fall planned, with a tournament at Harford Community College and an open house next month.


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