2 city officers top new promotions

August 30, 1994

Col. Joseph S. Johnson, acting Annapolis police chief, has selected two longtime department veterans to be his chief assistants.

Capt. Norman Randall, one of the city's first black officers when he joined the force in 1962, and Capt. Cassin B. Gittings, who has served in the department since 1971, will be promoted to the rank of major Friday, the colonel announced yesterday.

Colonel Johnson said earlier this year that he wanted to create the positions with the rank of major in order to foster promotions and improve department morale.

Captain Randall will oversee the department's operation division, and Captain Gittings will oversee the administrative services division.

Colonel Johnson also announced a number of other promotions: Lt. Barbara Hopkins, daughter of Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins, will be promoted to captain and continue in her position overseeing special operations; Lt. Gary Simpson will be promoted to captain and remain in charge of technical services. Also, Sgts. Jay B. Craig, William R. Powell, Stanley M. Malm and Alan L. Marshall Jr. will be promoted to lieutenant; and Cpls. James D. Olienyk, Gregory W. Imhof and William E. Neutzling will be promoted to sergeant.

The promotions were made after the officers were ranked by an independent testing agency and the city's personnel office.

Teen delivering pizza reports attack by man

An Edgewater teen-ager reported that he was assaulted by a man who accused him of nearly hitting his daughter as he drove past them while delivering pizza in Wilelinor Estates Sunday evening , county police said.

The driver, Kevin T. Stokes, 17, of the 1700 block of Riverdale Road, told police that he was making a delivery on Wilelinor Drive about 6 p.m. when he noticed a man with a girl about 3 or 4 walking a dog in the roadway. Kevin told police he slowed from 25 mph to 10 mph and went around them.

After the youth made the delivery and was driving out of the subdivision, he saw the man standing in the center of the road, blocking his path, police said.

Kevin told police that when he stopped the car, the man accused him of driving 45 mph and of nearly running over his daughter.

The man demanded the youth's name and company. The boy identified himself, told the man he was delivering for Bertucci's Pizza in Parole and tried to drive off, but the man tried to climb in the window and pull the keys from the ignition, police said.

The man attacked the youth, leaving cuts and scratches on his face and neck, police reported.

OC The boy reported the incident to his father, who called police.

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