Vasily Selyunin, 66, an economist and Russian parliament...


August 29, 1994

Vasily Selyunin, 66, an economist and Russian parliament member who was among the first advocates of market-oriented economic reform, died Saturday. The cause of his death was not immediately available, Russian news agencies said.

Mr. Selyunin was elected to the State Duma, or lower house of parliament, from the liberal Russia's Choice faction. He wrote columns for several newspapers and magazines and earned a reputation as a prominent radical in the glasnost era of the mid- to late-1980s. He was one of the first to publicly criticize the harsh policies of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, who was portrayed as a far-sighted genius of unsurpassed wisdom even after his successors began to be viewed in a different light during the Gorbachev era.

Roberto Goyeneche, 68, a singer who was one of the last great tango stars, died Saturday of kidney and heart failure at a Buenos Aires hospital, his son, Roberto, said. Called "Polaco" (the Pole) by fans because of his fair skin and blond hair, Mr. Goyeneche made more than 100 records over a 40-year career.

Maxwell Hahn, 94, retired director of the Field Foundation, died Wednesday of a stroke at a retirement home in Claremont, Calif. As an adviser on charitable giving to Marshall Field 3d, the Chicago banker and publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times, Mr. Hahn helped form the Field Foundation in 1941 and retired as its director in 1965. The foundation, which shut down in 1989, supported health programs for children, programs that sought to improve race relations and others devoted to international peace.

The Rev. Nicholas J. Langenfeld, 93, a retired professor of social welfare at Fordham University, died Thursday of cardiac arrest at the Jesuit Infirmary at the university's campus in the Bronx. He began his tenure at Fordham in 1934, teaching a course in social work and religion. He retired in 1967. In 1983, the university established the Rev. Dr. Nicholas J. Langenfeld Chair in Social Research.

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