Hypocrisy and PompeyThe hypocrisy surrounding the City...


August 28, 1994

Hypocrisy and Pompey

The hypocrisy surrounding the City State's Attorney's decision not to prosecute former Dunbar athletic director Pete Pompey crystallizes one of the many problems that permeate all levels of sports today.

Pompey clearly violated ethical and criminal boundaries when he diverted school funds to his personal accounts, but because Pompey coached the Dunbar basketball team, City State's Attorney Stuart Simms decided there was no just cause to prosecute Pompey. This teaches both young and old that one may cross ethical or criminal boundaries as long as he or she wins. The entire scandal is pathetic.

I wonder if Jacqueline McLean could have avoided prosecution had she been diverting funds while coaching a city athletic powerhouse. As usual, our city's youth suffers. Simms and Superintendent Walter G. Amprey have condoned Pompey's behavior by allowing him to run Edmondson's athletic department.

Not only do I see little or no accountability in how athletic funds are distributed, I see no measures being taken to assure similar occurrences be avoided in the future.

This matter clearly should have been decided in a court of law. If there was no criminal intent on Pompey's part, let a jury make that decision.

Dan Cahill


Greed permeates baseball

I have not been to a baseball game in nine years. This is in response to the greed that permeates almost all of the decisions that are made by players, owners and their respective bargaining organizations.

If the fans are upset by the strike, then whenever play resumes, don't go back and support baseball. Send the only message that will reach them, a swift kick in the wallet.

`Vincent J. Lombardi Jr.



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