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August 28, 1994

Starr and Fiske

Regarding The Sun's editorial, the Jack Germond-Jules Witcover column and Susan Baer's article (all Aug. 9), let's see if I got it right: There was no reason to replace Robert Fiske because of his close association with Bernard Nussbaum, his having had a hand in the sale of property to Whitewater Development Corp., and his close association with the firm that received a $1.5 million loan from the Arkansas Development Financing Authority, but Kenneth Starr should not be named independent prosecutor because he did not believe that President Clinton should be immune from a law suit, which allegedly has nothing whatsoever to do with Whitewater, Madison Savings & Loan, etc.?

Germond and Witcover maintain that there's no reason to redo the work that Mr. Fiske has already done, there being no evidence that Vince Foster did not commit suicide.

Well, that may be true, but one generally finds evidence by looking for it.

But aside from Mr. Foster's suicide, Mr. Fiske found no evidence of wrongdoing either in the Resolution Trust Corp. matter or the handling of the Foster suicide investigation.

Well, what about 40 contacts instead of one? What about Jean Hanson contradicting Robert Altman on the matter of briefing the criminal referrals? What about Mr. Nussbaum (Mr. Fiske's friend) pressuring Roger Altman not to recuse?

What about Mr. Foster's allegedly sealed office being visited and papers (which, contrary to first assertions, wind up in the Clintons' sole possession for five days) being removed by Hillary Clinton's chief of staff?

When one considers: the handling of the "Health Care Reform Task Force," which the government's own attorneys have now admitted was full of special interest representation; the stone-walling on the matter of the court-ordered release of documents from this task force; the Clinton's financial ineptitude in losing money (how much is still in doubt) on Whitewater, but being amazingly successful in the futures markets; and the quite extraordinary number of suicides among people peripherally connected with the Clintons, which even The Economist (hardly a right-wing extremist publication) has remarked upon, I believe there is ample reason to be skeptical about the results of an obvious superficial "investigation a la Fiske."

dmund A. Klebe


Dr. Mary Loch

I am very upset by the disservice that your paper has done to the late Dr. Mary Loch in the Aug. 16 article about the elderly couple in Guilford who were beaten death.

The two Lochs were both physicians, and while you consistently referred to the male Loch as "Dr.", you titled his wife with "Mrs."

Dr. Mary Loch may have not practiced medicine for quite some time, but I do not believe that your paper would cease to use the title "doctor" for a man who had not practiced in a long time.

Many women physicians of Dr. Mary Loch's generation made the choice to privilege family life over medical practice, but that choice did not require them to forfeit their M.D.s.

No matter what a woman's (or a man's) choice to do with a medical career, the M.D. entitles an individual to the distinction of the title.

It may well be stylistically correct to designate the wife of a physician as "Mrs.", but it is not appropriate to strip a woman of her title just because she is married to a physician.

The Lochs should have been referred to as Dr. Mary Loch and Dr. Walter Loch.

`Laura Davidow Hirshbein


Baseball Caps

How's this for negotiating an end to the baseball strike?

Yes, cap the players' salaries.

Then, let's cap the owners' profits.

What would we do with all the extra money?

We could always reduce the price of tickets.

But better than that, how about raises for all those forgotten minimum wage attendants who clean the rest rooms and sweep up the place? They are the ones who really need the money.

George Paul Mocko



Rude and Crude

The Airline Pilots Association should respond to the letter in Dear Abby's column of Aug. 19 about plane passengers carrying aboard excess size and numbers of carry-on luggage.

Ms. Van Buren stated that a passenger infringing on the rules of carry-on luggage could not be ejected except by order of the plane's captain.

Fully realizing that the pilot has many other more important duties to perform, I wonder why enforcement of such regulations couldn't be delegated to the co-pilot or even a cabin attendant, but even better to someone who is monitoring tickets at the entrance to the gangway.

It seems to me that such behavior has become much more common in recent years.

It is rude, crude and definitely violates safety standards.

Otto C. Beyer

Ellicott City

Part-time Instructors Deserve Better

Stefan Martin's Perspective article "For Professors, How Much Teaching Is Enough?" (Aug. 14) was insightful and interesting. His major emphasis is that full-time faculty should be teaching more.

He makes a number of very good points about graduate students and part-time instructors being paid little, being poorly motivated and perhaps teaching poorly.

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