An Appointed Chief Is Still Accountable2 Thank you, Deputy...


August 28, 1994

An Appointed Chief Is Still Accountable

2 Thank you, Deputy Smith, for your sensitivity.

Beverly Kott


Pierno's Council Record

Among all this year's office seekers, Harford County Council president candidate Theresa Pierno is one candidate who is not just qualified, as many candidates are, but a proven leader that Harford County truly needs in the years ahead.

As soon as she took office, Theresa Pierno went to bat for Harford County, introducing the rubble fill bill. Her bill eventually became law and was successfully defended in court recently by the county.

Thanks to Theresa Pierno's initiative, Harford County now has three less dumps that would have been in the middle of communities.

In other critical areas, such as sediment control, ensuring adequate public facilities and retaining adequate tree cover during land development, Theresa Pierno consistently led the passage of key legislation. These same issues will continue to be of vital concern in the years ahead, as Harford County grapples ** with the "growth" and development juggernaut.

Theresa Pierno stands out among the candidates because she realizes that growth, when uncontrolled or poorly planned, becomes a cancer in the true sense of the word.

People living in Harford County, the 17th fastest growing county in the United States, feel the strains and see the evidence of this every day. . . . Please join me in casting your vote for Theresa Pierno, because the developers will surely be voting against her.

Bob Dillon


The writer is president of the Joppa-Magnolia Civic Association.

Hirsch and the Arts

I want to let you know that I am so pleased Mayor Gunther Hirsch is running for delegate.

He is what Maryland needs, a man with experience and high integrity. I also admire his interest in the arts.

Lucille G. Beards

Havre de Grace

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