District 13A Picks FlawedThe Sun's Aug. 17 "Endorsements...


August 28, 1994

District 13A Picks Flawed

The Sun's Aug. 17 "Endorsements in District 13A" editorial leaves me wondering what, if any, standards you have in telling ** what candidates are good for us. At any rate, the people who live here in Howard County can decide that.

You may regard state Sen. Thomas Yeager as a "consensus builder" and someone who is "steady as you go." To me, it depends on where you want to go. Senator Yeager is too tightly tied to the establishment of his legislative body (including Senate President Mike Miller) and much too resistant on civil liberties issues for my taste.

On the latter score, to cite just one example from the 1994 session, he voted for Senate passage of a bill (Senate Bill 560) that would have prohibited discrimination by clubs holding liquor licenses only after sponsoring (and failing to secure approval of) an amendment exempting "a veterans' organization or adjunct or auxiliary unit of a veterans' organization that limits its membership to persons of a particular gender."

He has also been reluctant to support reform of the existing system of legislative scholarships (wherein incumbent state legislators, no matter how honestly some of them may do it, are able to gain re-election benefits via the awarding of scholarships provided by taxpayers). Whatever you may have against Virginia Thomas, I'd much rather take my chances with her than with Tom Yeager on the issues in Annapolis.

In the contest for two delegates seats in 13A, after deciding that you didn't like Shane Pendergrass' style or opposition to a Coca-Cola plant, you must have thrown darts at the wall to come up with your choices from among the other five Democratic candidates.

Certainly, you said nothing to explain your reasons for endorsing your two choices. When there is little difference between candidates on issues (and that seems true among the six in this race), it seems to me that voters have to make judgments as to who they can trust to best represent them.

At the top of the ticket alphabetically are Bob Ardinger and Pearl Atkinson-Stewart. Neither is in the race to seek personal glory and they are not likely to sell out on issues for the sake of personal advancement. I believe the electorate in District 13A would be well-served by Ardinger and Atkinson-Stewart and urge that they be elected on Sept. 13.

Kenneth A. Stevens


Rescue Thanks

At 10:30 p.m. on June 22, in the rain, a one-ton truck smashed into my light station wagon, throwing us in a circle, landing us in the roadside ditch and seriously injuring my 82-year old mother in the passenger seat. Four days later, at 11 p.m. June 27, I cooked my own goose (or rather myself), spilling scalding water with resulting second- and third-degree burns.

In both instances, the Howard County Rescue Squard was there within minutes. . . .

Particularly impressive was "Mark," the rescue squad crew chief who correctly assessed the seriousness of the burns, directed the pickup and transport of a person nearly incoherent with pain, obtained immediate treatment authorization and administered morphine intravenously en route to the burn center. He was ably assisted by "John" and "Chris." . . .

The promptness and high degree of competence of the police on the night of the auto accident deserves comment. Despite the sadly thin police staffing in western Howard, Police Officer Sheppard appeared in what seemed like an instant. . . .

When it comes to the battle for the tax dollar, these are the programs that get my vote. Let's put them at the top of the list . . .

J.L. Robinson


Good Samaritan

All too often we are reminded of the selfish tendencies of the cross-generational "Me Generation." There are often many times, however, when the kindness of man goes unnoticed or unrewarded. . . .

On Aug. 13, my out-of-the-area mother, staying with us while recuperating from major surgery, went for a walk by herself to Centennial Park. She became confused trying to find her way back to our house and got lost. Very lost -- a few of the people that she asked for directions either misunderstood her or did not know where we were located, either.

One gentleman invited my tired, confused and overheated mother into his car and he and his young son drove around "for quite some time" until they found our street. I'm sure that they had other things that they had planned to be doing, but they took the time to help her. Thanks to their kindness, my mother suffered no ill effects from her extended walk in temperatures that got a bit warmer than she had anticipated. Thank you, sir, whoever you are.

Barbara K. Warman

Ellicott City

Since When Did Earning $40,000 Become a Crime?

When did "affordable housing" become a code word for "socially undesirable"? When did $25,000 to $40,000 become low-income? I have a few more questions for those opposing "affordable housing" in their neighborhoods.

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