Say so long to summer


August 27, 1994|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

Wind up the summer with some learning fun to stimulate your kids' minds as they gear up for the classroom:

Ages 4 and over: While waiting for a back-to-school checkup at the dentist's or pediatrician's office, use your finger to "draw" a numeral on your child's back. Challenge your child to guess the numeral. At the beach or in the backyard sandbox, draw a number in the sand, then gather the correct number of shells or sticks to match it. Line the items up and count them.

and over: Prepare a meal from start to finish. Let your child read the recipe aloud, then list the supplies you need. Clip coupons to the list if you have them; shop, measure and cook the ingredients, set the table and serve.

12 and over: Write a letter to the author of one of the favorite books you read this summer. Tell him/her why you like the book. Authors are generally reached through the book's publisher.

* Make a list of school supplies and clothes you'll need.

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