Shriver double-faults Navratilova's comments

August 26, 1994|By Sandra McKee | Sandra McKee,Sun Staff Writer

Tennis is usually a little more predictable than politics, and since Pam Shriver takes nothing for granted when she plays tennis, she certainly isn't going to when it comes to the Women's Tennis Association Tour Players Association's race for president.

"But I was surprised by how public the thing with Martina has become," said Shriver, the WTA president who is being challenged for the job by her former doubles partner, Martina Navratilova.

Shriver, one of six board members up for re-election, has spent the past three years as WTA president and said yesterday that she'd like one more term, "So I could leave saying my job was complete."

She took issue with Navratilova's statements suggesting Shriver and former WTA executive director Gerard Smith alienated the tour's former title sponsor, Kraft.

"That is a big stretch," Shriver said. "I've always had good rapport with our sponsors.

"We have to follow the lead of our CEO. Looking back, you can see things that put the sponsorship in jeopardy, but you have to put your faith in your full-time CEO. As president, I would never undermine him. I just don't see what we could have done any differently as a board, and I don't think Kraft would still be in even if we did."

"Until these statements by Martina, I think that was the one and only time anyone campaigned," said Shriver, who yesterday evening was writing another statement.

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