Unitas heading to concourse

August 25, 1994|By Ken Murray

The John Unitas plaque is headed back to the main concourse at Memorial Stadium.

Baltimore CFLs owner Jim Speros said yesterday that he will move the plaque that honors the Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame quarterback from the team's lobby entrance to its former spot in the concourse.

"We took it out of a cluttered back room where it was up against a wall," Speros said. "We were happy to find it. It's in a safer place now. We're waiting on the city to give us the proper bolts. No one ever gave me directions on where they wanted it.

"The biggest thing was, I didn't want anybody stealing it."

Unitas' son, John Jr., wrote a letter Tuesday to Speros asking that the plaque be moved from the team offices.

"I have an excellent relationship with John Jr. and John Unitas," said Speros. "We'll put the plaque wherever they want it."

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