KIND words for our city and our new football team from...


August 25, 1994

KIND words for our city and our new football team from columnist George Vecsey of the New York Times. He wrote this before the CFLers drew 41,000 fans to their most recent home game at Memorial Stadium:

"This is a time of deprivation for baseball, but a time of reparation for football. There is a football team in Baltimore once again.

"This team cannot legally be called the Baltimore Colts, because that team was taken on a trail of tears to Indianapolis 10 years ago by a surly outsider named Irsay. So the management of the new team has done the next best thing and given the team no nickname whatsoever. Just Baltimore.

"The Don't-Call-Them-Colts play in the Canadian Football league, which has expanded south of the border in the last two years. The fans have flocked to their own field of dreams, antiquated Memorial Stadium, averaging 36,000 for the first three league games, more than any single football crowd in Canada this season. You would have to say the people of Baltimore will support football."

The columnist discusses William Gildea's new book, "When the Colts Belonged to Baltimore," and interviews him about the CFLers.

" 'I haven't been to a game yet,' confessed Gildea, who lives just outside Washington. 'I did look in at the field a year ago before the Dolphins played an exhibition there. The field never looked better. I know a guy who lives in the neighborhood and he says it's fun to walk in to the games. . . .

" 'It's not the same as the Colts,' Gildea said of the new Baltimore team, 'but I'll get to one of their games soon.'

"He will have company. . . Given the baseball strike, the new team anticipates a crowd of over 40,000. Memorial Stadium may soon be full again. This is one of the rare times when the good guys win."

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