Forgotten brief case causes uneasiness at car dealership

August 25, 1994|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

MIAMI -- Of all the places to forget a briefcase, John Foreman picked the worst: A car dealership in the midst of a bomb threat.

Mr. Foreman left his briefcase at Gary Fronrath Chevrolet yesterday when he dropped off his car for servicing.

"My hands were full," said Mr. Foreman, a loan officer. "I had my jacket, my lunch, my paper, my briefcase . . ."

In his haste to hop a shuttle to work, Mr. Foreman left the black leather case.

Innocent enough.

But someone had called the dealership earlier saying a bomb would explode at 10 a.m.

Police told workers to look for anything unusual, said Fronrath's Rick Bove.

Mr. Bove spotted the mysterious valise.

They called the bomb squad, then evacuated.

"They tied a rope to the handle and pulled it 150 feet," Mr. Bove said. "They said they were going to blow it up."

And so they did.

No bomb.

Just papers, Marlins tickets, family photos, a calculator and rolls of quarters.

"The calculator still worked. The papers were pretty well intact," Mr. Bove said. "But there were quarters all over the parking lot."

Mr. Bove called Mr. Foreman, apologized, then bought him a new case.

"They paid the service bill, too," Mr. Foreman said.

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