Candidate Kim avoids questions on academic record CAMPAIGN 1994

August 24, 1994|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Sun Staff Writer

Fueled by nearly $20,000 contributed by himself and other Californians, Towson Republican Deboul "Jay" Kim is focusing on the fear of crime to boost his campaign for the House of Delegates.

But while Mr. Kim has continued to campaign, mainly on his tough anti-crime stands, he also has continued to avoid questions about his academic record, even questions posed by the local Republican Party.

The 21-year old Los Angeles native says he is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and is somehow affiliated with the Hopkins medical school program, despite school records that do not support those claims.

Mr. Kim has refused to return calls from reporters since a Sun story June 3 revealed that Hopkins records do not list him as a graduate, nor does the medical school have any record of him as a student. Mr. Kim also at one point supplied the Social Security number of another person named Kim, in an effort to prove that he was a medical student at Hopkins. Hopkins undergraduate officials have said Mr. Kim left the school in 1993 without graduating.

Kent Swanson, Baltimore County Republican Central Committee chairman, sent Mr. Kim a letter Aug. 10 asking for his Social Security number to enable the party to check his academic background, which "will permit these questions to be put to rest." The letter asked for a reply by Aug. 19, but no answer has come, Mr. Swanson said yesterday.

In addition, Mr. Kim attempted to raise more money from old California friends by telling them in late June that he already had won the primary election in the 9B District and needed more funds for the general election contest.

Some Republicans are worried that in the small Towson single-delegate district, where six Republicans are vying for one nomination, as few as 600 voters could produce a winner. A victory by Mr. Kim could be embarrassing for the party.

But the candidate has not been dissuaded by bad publicity or questions about his claims, however.

His latest campaign mailing last week featured an 8-inch-by-10-inch photograph of small children on a playground -- as viewed through a rifle's telescopic sight. Inside the large, glossy brochure is a picture of a large-caliber revolver aimed directly at the reader. On the front, the flier says: "Only Jay Kim supports abolishing our lenient, liberal parole system for violent criminals." In earlier mailings, Mr. Kim has advocated "Singapore-style canings" for miscreants.

The candidate's campaign finance report filed this week shows he has paid for most of his campaign with $9,000 of his own money, and three other large donations, all from Californians.

Ki Sang Kim and Sue Kim, both of Los Angeles, each gave $3,000 and Noel Hanson of Pasadena, Calif., donated $1,000, the report said. An additional $3,850 came from small donations, all by California residents, and the final $700 was given by Lloyd H. Polmateer, Mr. Kim's campaign treasurer.

The report showed a cash balance of $2,887 on the Aug. 9 reporting cut-off date, with outstanding debts of $1,787. The debts were not itemized on a separate reporting sheet, as required. Mr. Polmateer failed to return a reporter's call.

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