Woman recounts rape by crossbow intruder

August 24, 1994|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Sun Staff Writer

A 28-year-old woman told a Prince George's County jury yesterday how she was awakened by a man dressed in black who raped her in front of her husband.

She broke into tears as she recalled seeing an intruder armed with a crossbow at her bedside.

"He pulled me up to follow him, and I was so startled that I couldn't even say anything or even scream," she said. "I followed him into the next room, and [her husband] was there on the bed with his hands and feet tied."

Alphonso Quinn, 37, who was convicted Aug. 12 of a similar assault in Bowie, is standing trial in Upper Marlboro for the attack on the couple in their Greenbelt home on Aug. 3, 1993. He is charged with first-degree rape, a sex offense, robbery and assault. If convicted, the man accused of being the "crossbow rapist" could be sentenced to life in prison. He also is charged in two more cases that are scheduled for trial in November.

The woman did not look at Quinn as she recounted how her attacker attempted to strangle her when she struggled with him.

"I kicked him, and he took me by the neck and put me on the bed," she said in a low voice. "He threw me into a corner of a room and raped me. During all this, he threatened my husband with that arrow."

Before the assailant raped her, the woman testified, he demanded money. When she told him where to find it, he demanded a gun. She told him they did not have one and to take anything in the house.

After the rape, the woman said, he asked her to follow him to the basement. When they got downstairs, he left through the sliding glass door where he had broken in, she said.

"I ran back upstairs to my husband, and he had gone back into our bedroom and was trying to call for help," she said. "But there was no dial tone. We got some clothes on and went to the kitchen phone. At that point, we heard him running back into the house and upstairs. We ran out of the house and got into our cars."

During her opening statement, prosecutor Deborah Johnston outlined her case against Quinn, which includes two DNA tests linking him to the crime; statements he made about the couple to another victim; and the woman's wallet, which was found in a car that he was driving when he was arrested Sept. 13

Ms. Johnston said Quinn, who was convicted of the Sept. 3 attack on a Bowie woman in her home, told the victim that he had attacked a man and a woman in their home.

The Bowie woman gave Quinn her phone number and he called her. During those conversations he made another reference to the husband and wife. Police eventually traced that call to a pay phone in Washington, near where he was arrested.

Defense attorney Joseph Niland attacked the prosecution's case and said no one saw his client in the couple's neighborhood before, during or after the attack. He criticized the accuracy of the DNA tests and the officers who followed his client from the pay phone for several blocks before arresting him.

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