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August 23, 1994

Back Clinton

We must force Congress to start looking out for the interest of the American people. Lately the only thing that is heard from the Republican Party is how many seats it will gain in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

There are a few Republicans already seeking the presidency. After 12 years of Republican administration, they come up with very few ideals.

President Clinton chose quite a few hard ones. His one big mistake was trying to elevate all too quickly.

Now the Republican Party realizes if it can oust President Clinton, the credit will be the party's. It is time to back President Clinton and move this nation ahead.

Milton Parran


Dark knight

I write in response to A. M. Rosenthal's Aug. 15 Other Voices piece, "The Pope's Knight." Thank you, Mr. Rosenthal, for challenging me to take pen in hand.

I most certainly am not a Catholic Christian who says it is "a matter for the Jews to protest." I, too, protest this "sickening" sign of papal recognition of a man whom Mr. Rosenthal so well described as "ordinary," because so many like him knew and did nothing. I cannot fathom this event, either. And the quietness of it: Days went by before we knew.

And that, too, makes it disquieting. If the event were to take place, and it was a worthy event, why wasn't it open to publicity?

Simply, the Vatican knows that you and I and millions of others detest what Kurt Waldheim did and who he represents. If we knew ahead of time, the ceremony would have been disrupted by protests from every corner.

If the pope does visit Baltimore in October, many Catholics will publicly protest the pope's denial of the rights and aspirations of women in the church.

Let me assure you that many of us will also publicly protest his knighting of Kurt Waldheim.

Catherine Kelly


Race and death

I am an African-American citizen of Baltimore City. I don't profess to my being a law-abiding citizen all my life; however, in these latter years of my life, I can make this claim.

I'm writing to express my deep concern and hurt over the way the Baltimore City Police Department, the local justice system and Baltimore media organizations, including The Baltimore Sun, have taken issue with some of the homicides in this city.

For the past several years, many of my African-American mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers and loved ones have been murdered under different situations.

Some have been what the so-called good citizens of Baltimore City have deemed unworthy. Some have been close to my heart. Very rarely, if ever, have the media or any of the above-mentioned agencies pulled out all of the stops to solve these brutal, senseless killings.

This brings me to the point at issue at this time. Unfortunately, there was a double murder in Baltimore recently of two elderly white doctors.

When I saw all the man-power and media coverage this crime commanded, I began to wonder, "Is race important even in death?"

Before I could even answer this question in my mind, another one popped up: "Do you have to be rich to have your murder solved?" If so, then by whose standards?

I'm trying with all the compassion in my heart to understand this seemingly racial travesty, but I keep coming up with the same ugly conclusion.

So come on, Baltimoreans. Let's start treating each human life with the same dignity in death. After all, what happened to the statement that "we are all God's children"?

Delores Liburd



We live in one of the most dangerous eras in the history of America.

Graphically exemplifying the situation are the three current issues of the health plan, the crime bill and the World Trade Organization.

If approved, these three arrogant usurpations of central power could well seal our fate and consign us to the dust bins of history through the totalitarian, dictatorial enslavement culminating over the 70 years of scheming by the political left.

Anyone who doubts this is either naively uninformed or is being consciously and deliberately deceptive, for whatever reason.

These same leftist activists are on a roll with the Clinton administration and their carnival sideshow freaks in power.

But all is not lost. We need to reawaken to the simple, sober fact DTC that the United States is deeply rooted in Western civilization and the tenets of the Judeo-Christian traditions.

Although we have actually started down the slippery slope, it is not too late to form an aroused group of patriots and to evict the few, but diabolically clever, infidels seeking to destroy our morality, our decency and our pride.

Donald K. Tag

Havre de Grace

Admission fee

Maybe we should start charging a "small" fee to go into Lexington Market, which would surely discourage anyone who doesn't want to buy or browse, in order to appreciate the wonderful surroundings.

Please! Let's not lose another landmark that makes Baltimore stand out as a positive city.

Pat Tatar


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