Endorsements in Council District 3

August 23, 1994

Anne Arundel County Council District 3 -- Pasadena, Marley Neck, Lake Shore and Riviera Beach -- features some nasty politics. Incumbent Republican Carl G. "Dutch" Holland hasn't even gotten past two primary challengers and already he's fielding slings and arrows from two Democrats vying for the chance to knock him off. Meanwhile, Pasadena salvage yard operator Thomas Redmond and civic activist Shirley Murphy are waging a not-so-friendly war for the Democratic nomination.

Mr. Holland is seeking a second term and, though he is neither astute nor diplomatic, primary voters have no choice but to select him. Businessman Romie A. Songer's ideas -- like suing the county to force it to study cancer rates -- are too unorthodox to fly. Accountant Martin Kolb has even less to offer.

As for Mr. Holland, his record is mixed. He has authored noise control and fly ash regulation laws and brought a library and sports complex to his district -- projects initiated by his predecessor, his critics point out. Nonetheless, Mr. Holland deserves credit for shepherding them to completion. One project for which he does not deserve credit (though he claims it) is the Solley school. His failure to secure enough council votes almost sank the project; Del. Joan Cadden, not Mr. Holland, marshaled a compromise to save Solley.

The Democrats include tax preparer Elmer Dunn, but Mr. Redmond and Mrs. Murphy are the serious contenders. Both have long histories of community service. Both want to improve schools and control growth but are somewhat vague on these issues. Mr. Redmond's detractors note a recent zoning problem involving his salvage yard, but one of the county's foremost environmentalists, Mary Rosso, says his business is a good neighbor. Ms. Rosso's group, Anne Arundel Voters for Environmental Justice, has endorsed Mr. Redmond.

This race is a toss-up, but Mr. Redmond deserves an edge based on his campaign organization and the way he has tapped into a broad community base. While good campaigning does not always equate to good representation, it can reflect an ability to get things done and to work with people.

Tomorrow: Council District 4 endorsements.

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