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August 23, 1994

Extension Service appeals judge's order

The Maryland Cooperative Extension Service has appealed a judge's order that it return an agent to Carroll County who was transferred to Baltimore County two years ago against her will.

The appeal, filed in Carroll Circuit Court a week ago, says the agency had the right to transfer Sharon B. Grobaker from her job in the home economics program in Carroll County to a similar slot in Baltimore County.

The transfer came in July 1992 and was ordered after her Carroll job was eliminated as part of a $3.6 million budget cut.

Ms. Grobaker, who lives in Carroll County, sued the agency and said the transfer was a violation of her contract.

She had worked in Carroll for 16 years before the transfer.

In a decision filed earlier this month, Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. agreed with Ms. Grobaker and ordered the extension service to transfer her back to Carroll.

Republican voters outnumber Democrats

Carroll County Republicans eligible to vote in the Sept. 13 primary outnumber Democrats by 3,215, according to statistics from the Board of Supervisors of Elections.

As of Aug. 15, the last day to register to vote before the primary, the county had 30,512 registered Republicans and 27,297 registered Democrats.

The county also had 5,273 registered voters who declined to affiliate with a party, and 71 voters who are affiliated with a political party other than Democratic or Republican.

The numbers show that Republicans registered more voters than Democrats this summer.

Four years ago before the primary election, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 785.

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