Democrats lag far behind Haines in race for Senate campaign money CAMPAIGN 1994

August 23, 1994|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Sun Staff Writer

District 5 Sen. Larry E. Haines, a Westminster Republican, has raised considerably more than his Democratic opponents in his effort to keep a seat he hopes will be a stepping stone to higher office.

Mr. Haines has raised about $79,100 in the past three years to help his re-election bid this year, records at the Board of Supervisors of Elections show.

He is running unopposed in the Sept. 13 primary.

As of last week, he had spent all but about $7,800 on events, advertising and campaign materials. Mr. Haines said he hopes to raise another $12,000 in campaign funds, for more than $90,000.

He sponsors an annual family picnic with bands and other attractions that draws close to 1,000 people. He said he puts on annual events for his campaign workers and supporters to keep them interested and involved.

Mr. Haines said he expects to spend about $30,000 this year alone in the primary and general elections. He has other fund-raisers planned, including an Oct. 1 "whistle-stop" train ride and sit-down dinner on the EnterTRAINment line that he said may raise as much as $10,000. Tickets are $75 per person.

Four years ago, he said he spent $32,000 on the primary race alone. His Republican opponents were incumbent Sharon W. Hornberger and John P. Buchheister Jr.

Mr. Haines' opponents in this year's race are just beginning their fund raising.

Cynthia Huggins Cummings of Silver Run has raised about $1,800. Rachelle Feldman-Hurwitz of Uniontown has raised about $2,600, records show.

Candidates in local races were required to file their first financial reports to the Board of Supervisors of Elections last week.

If re-elected, Mr. Haines, a real estate broker, said he hopes to attain a leadership position in the General Assembly. He said he would like to be the Senate minority leader or minority whip. In either position, he would help gather votes for Republican legislation and guide bills through the process.

He also has said he would like to run for the 6th District congressional seat held by Roscoe G. Bartlett, possibly in 1998.

Records show that Mr. Haines received $13,366 from political action committees, including $3,055 from the Maryland Realtors PAC; $1,430 from the Maryland Dental PAC; $945 from the Maryland Troopers Association Lodge No. 20; and $550 from the Service Station and Automotive Repair Association.

He also raised $57,358 from ticket sales to various events, including the summer family picnic.

Ms. Cummings is a fourth-grade teacher who has been president of the 1,250-member county teachers union for the past three years. She is a member of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee and also is running for re-election to that group.

Records show she has about $1,800 on hand for the Senate campaign and has lent herself $1,200 of that amount. Records show she has spent about $682.

Ms. Hurwitz has been a member of community groups dealing with environmental, women's and other issues. Earlier this year, she was the vice chairwoman of the county's Waste-to-Energy Committee, which studied whether the county should build an incinerator to burn trash.

Records show she received $1,510 in contributions and $1,100 from ticket sales. She has spent about $1,751.

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