* Robert E. Walton, 67, a retired deputy director of the...


August 22, 1994

* Robert E. Walton, 67, a retired deputy director of the Office of Information Technology at the Justice Department, died Tuesday of cancer at the Potomac Valley Nursing Center in Rockville. A native of Anoka, Minn., the Bethesda resident joined the Justice Department in 1968 as director of personnel and training in the Bureau of Prisons. Later, he headed the bureau's management programs branch. At the bureau, he established nationwide automated information systems. At his death he was a senior systems engineer at Computer Data Systems Inc. in Rockville, working on computer security programs for the federal government.

* Albert P. Blaustein, 72, a law professor who dedicated nearly three decades of his life to drafting constitutions for nations in transition, died yesterday at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., after suffering a heart attack.


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