Jack Simes Jr. leads young golfers


August 21, 1994|By Blair Holley | Blair Holley,Special to The Sun

The future of golf, as in most anything else, is in our young people.

Jack Simes Jr., became the 1994 Junior Champion of the Ocean Pines Golf and Country Club when he registered a 95 gross to comfortably surpass his nearest rival, Josh Schoenberg, who had a 107. Simes was thus the only player in the large field who broke 100 on the difficult course.

Young golfers from all over the Delmarva Peninsula participated in what has become a very popular on the under-18 golf calendar. The rest of the scores which follow are all at net.

Chad Hill, a 14-year-old from Talbot Country Club, had the lowest overall net score of the championship with a 77 that edged Chris Wisler at 78 for honors in the 13-14 Boys category. Next in line was Matt Nixon from Nutter's Crossing, whose 79 was third overall but first in the 15-17 Boys classification.

Nice to see girls in action here, as Stacey Hodges won the 13-14 group title with a 100 over Sarah Swick's 117 and Brook Bendler's 120. And, in the 10-12 Girls group, which only played nine holes, Elizabeth Rosbach was the standout with a 63.

Boys 10-12 also played only nine holes and John Orr finished on top with a 52, as Kevin Boteler made it close at 54 and John Boston carded a 57. The 9-and-under age group was co-ed and played three holes plus a putting competition. In the three-hole tour, Steven O'Loughlin had a 17, McShane Murphy a 20, Taryn Antigone a 21 and Johnny Loomis 21. In the putting contest, O'Loughlin, Murphy and Loomis wound up in a three-way tie.

Bob Beckelman, assistant pro at Ocean Pines, directs this large junior program, assisted by Robin Wissen, whose presence may account for more girls playing this year. Andy Wilcox chairs the junior committee with the help of Irene Marshall and Eileen Gibbons.

Wilcox says, "We are grateful for the enthusiastic support we have received from businesses and individuals for our junior golf program. We feel it's one of the more important things we can do as golfers -- to make this game available to young people." For more information about the junior golf program at Ocean Pines, call Beckelman at 641-8653 or Wilcox at 641-8888.


With only two rounds left to play in the 1994 Toyota/B.J.'s Ocean City Challenge Cup, Rehoboth Country Club took a 5.5 to 3.5 points decision from Nutter's Crossing to pull away on top of the Gray Division with 45 points to the 37 shared in a second-place tie involving Eagle's Landing and the Bay Club. The Beach Club held on to first in the Blue Division with 46.5 points, while Ocean City vaulted over River Run into second place at 42.5 with an 8.5 to 0.5 thrashing of the RR team.

The Player of the Year Standings show Quelland (OCG&YC) on top with a 90 percent winning mark on 13.5 points taken out of a possible 15, while Bob Crowther of Cripple Creek is next at 77.78 percent with a 14 of 18 record. Next are John Ruddo of the Beach Club and Ron Barrows from Rehoboth with 12.5 in 18 for percentages of 69.44.

In the Beach Club Seniors League, John Lansinger was the big winner last week with a card of 90-22, 68. Herb Laderer, who has been cleaning up, finished in a second-place tie at 70 on 89-19, as Tom Boenzli carded 85-15.


Pine Shore Golf's weekly lineup of events saw the Sunday Morning 18-hole Scramble go to Jim Hazzard, Chris Smith, John Welton and Virgil Cave with a sparkling 12-under-par 48.

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