Racing Toward Wrong LocationI'm continuously reading...


August 21, 1994

Racing Toward Wrong Location

I'm continuously reading newspaper articles about D. Richard Rothman's dream . . . to have a first-class road course in Maryland.

Well, how about the dreams of the people who will be affected by the noise and traffic pollution caused by such a raceway?

I have had a dream also. I bought land just outside of Havre de Grace 28 years ago. I built my own home and I travel 42 miles each way to work to a hot and noisy steel mill. When I arrive home and sit outside in my yard, I look forward to the peace and quiet. I enjoy listening to the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees and smelling the good air. I had hoped that when I retired, I could continue enjoying the peace and quiet of small town living. This is my dream. . . .

I am not against the sport of car racing. It is a sport enjoyed by many. However, why build a raceway in the middle of a residential area? Please Mr. Rothman, find another location.

John Campbell

Havre de Grace

Executive Debates

Several weeks ago, I read Ron Szczbor's (Republican candidate for county executive) challenge to Eileen Rehrmann for four debates. Each week, I have scoured The Sun for a response from Ms. Rehrmann yet nothing has been forthcoming. Will Ms. Rehrmann debate Ron Szczybor four times?

I would like to hear and like to see the two candidates debate. I believe the citizens of our county should have as much information as possible before choosing the next county executive.

Bonnie J. Munno


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