Licensing Cats Isn't the Answer. . . I am a responsible...


August 21, 1994

Licensing Cats Isn't the Answer

. . . I am a responsible owner of purebred cats. My cats are strictly indoor animals. They are inoculated against panleukopenia, rhienotracheltis, calicivirus and chlamydia as well as rabies.

I know many breeders of purebred cats. Their kittens are sold with a spay/neuter contract when going to pet homes. Their contract requires that the cat be kept indoors and that the proper shots be given on a yearly basis. It also requires that the cat never be given to a shelter in the event the owner cannot keep the pet. . . .

Many reputable breeders and owners, who also show their cats, are strong supporters of the shelters in the counties in which they reside. To give an example, I am president of a local cat club that has given the Anne Arundel County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals a free table every year at our annual cat show to hand out literature about the shelter. We have also donated $550 to it over the last three years as well. Our club has donated more than $2,000 to other pet organizations, which include SNAP (Spay Neuter All Pets) and the American Humane Association.

Most breeders of cats are responsible pet owners. For the county to require breeders to license their cats so that the county may control overpopulation and the reduction of rabies is ludicrous.

Yes, the shelters are full of unwanted cats and kittens. However, the number of purebreds found in the shelters make up a minority. The overpopulation of cats is caused by the backyard pTC breeders of household pets who will never pay the fees imposed by the county. . . .

JoAnn M. Genovese


Pension Issue

I found Robert Silkworth's letter (Aug. 7) amusing. Mr. Silkworth tries to convince your readers that County Executive candidates Ted Sophocleus and Bob Agee both supported the pension bill that increased the pensions of past and current elected and appointed officials.

As an attorney and law partner of Phillip Scheibe (who, by the way, is the campaign manager of yet another county executive candidate), Mr. Silkworth should know the facts and should present them: Mr. Sophocleus, a councilman at that time, voted for the pension plan. Mr. Agee lobbied the County Council to defeat that bill. . . .

Aimee Ehlers


Smoking Ban

Let's hear it for all our elected officials in Annapolis, they have finally succeeded in getting a bill passed that will surely mean lots of clean air for everybody, right? I don't think so. The present system . . . is working quite well and that includes bars and restaurants. Why mess with it?

This crazy law will not only hurt the owners of bars, restaurants and lounges, it will trickle down to the industry that supplies them with food, beverages and related products. And how have our officials decided to police this new ban? They have done nothing to police our schools or our neighborhoods or the malls where we do our shopping. . . . Fix what is broken, not something that is working well. How far away is Election Day and does it really matter any more?

K. Barrett


Sheriff Cadets

On July 5, I filed my candidacy for sheriff of Anne Arundel County for the second time. I did so because I feel the current administration is not conservative enough with your tax dollars. It has overspent its allotted budget for four years consecutively. In times of fiscal disparity, elected officials must learn to do more with less.

The Sheriff's Department needs to gain a competitive edge on the private security firm currently contracted to exclusively transport county prisoners. This could be done by initiating a sheriff cadet program. These cadets, ages 18 to 21, would be hired at half the salary of a tenured deputy sheriff. Cadets would be utilized to assist in lock-up facilities, to monitor scanners at court entrances and to augment sworn deputies in transporting prisoners. This could be accomplished at a lower cost than the current private security contract.

This program would allow sworn deputies to actively attempt to execute the stockpile of unserved warrants and paternity body attachments. In addition, the deputies transporting prisoners could be used for other law enforcement duties unlike their private security counterparts. This would also decrease the need for overtime. . . .

John E. Moran IV


The writer is a candidate for Anne Arundel County sheriff.

Recalling Walter Mills

The obituary of Walter S. Mills which appeared in The Sun July 21 was a fitting tribute to a most deserving citizen of the state.

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