* Wendell James Franklin, 78, who worked his way from...


August 21, 1994

* Wendell James Franklin, 78, who worked his way from parking cars in the NBC lot to guiding such talents as Bill Cosby, died of cancer July 22 in Los Angeles. Franklin, who became the first black member of the Directors Guild of America in 1960, was stage manager for live television shows including "The Jerry Lewis Show," "The Nat King Cole Show" and "This Is Your Life." also helped direct "McMillan and Wife," "Green Hornet" and the 1969-71 "Bill Cosby Show." He was assistant director on "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and "Funny Girl."

* Carlos Vieira Dias, 75, credited with spreading the influence of Angola's rhythmic Semba music, died Friday in Lisbon, Portugal, after a long illness. As part of the band Ngola Ritmo, he developed the heavily rhythmic, dance-oriented Semba music that is said to have given birth to Brazilian Samba.

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