Vases made in Silesia


August 21, 1994|By Anne McCollam | Anne McCollam,Copley News Service

Q: I have a pair of porcelain vases that stand 10 inches high. On the bottom of each vase are the letters "KPM-W." They are decorated with pink and blue flowers and trimmed in gold. Do they have any value?

A: Your vases were made by Krister Porcelain Manufactory, in Waldenburg, Silesia, Germany. The company was established in and is still in operation. This mark was used around 1900. Each vase could be worth about $150 to $175 in good condition.

Q: I haven't been able to find any information about my "Friar Tuck" cookie jar. He is wearing a brown robe and a white rope belt. On the bottom he is marked with a bee in the middle of a "V" and the words "W. Goebel K29."

A: The Friar Tuck series was manufactured by F.W. Goebel located in Rodental, Germany. Your cookie jar was made in the mid-1900s. Assuming the condition is mint, a Friar Tuck cookie jar made in 1956 would )probably be worth about $800 to $850.

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