Bat smashes truck window as anger explodes on I-97

August 19, 1994

A man with a baseball bat smashed the back window of a truck and threatened the truck's driver Tuesday afternoon on the shoulder of Interstate 97 near Route 32, county police said.

Christopher Trieble, 35, who lives in Baltimore County, drove to a Royal Farm store on Telegraph Road and Donaldson Avenue after the attack and called police around 4 p.m., police said.

About 25 minutes earlier, Mr. Trieble was driving north on I-97 when he noticed a dark blue Chevrolet Cavalier following closely.

When the car pulled alongside, two men inside each made an obscene gesture, the victim told police.

Mr. Trieble returned the gesture, and the Cavalier cut in front of him, forcing him to the shoulder. When he stopped, the Cavalier also stopped, police said.

The Cavalier's driver got out, brandishing a baseball bat, police said. A second man also got out and had something in his hand, but Mr. Trieble couldn't see what it was, police said.

When Mr. Trieble got back into his truck and started to drive off, the man with the bat swung and shattered the right rear window.

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