Expert testifies on stadium noise

August 19, 1994|By Sun Staff Writer

Unless the Redskins build a dome on their proposed football stadium or move it 1,500 feet farther away from nearby homes, it will not meet Anne Arundel County noise laws, an expert hired by opponents testified yesterday at the zoning hearing.

Dr. James Sari, a physicist working in acoustics at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, said Redskins' noise expert Michael Fann "has not come close to proving" the stadium would comply with noise ordinances.

"Baloney!" responded Walter Lynch, the Redskins' project manager. He said Dr. Sari misinterpreted Mr. Fann's data.

To get permission to build their $160 million stadium in Laurel, the Redskins must prove it meets county rules.

Also, at a news conference yesterday, James Russell, president of the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp., said his group will commission a report on the economic impact of the proposed stadium.

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