Democratic Picks in District 5

August 18, 1994

With Maryland's 5th Legislative District now entirely in Carroll County, there has been a slight reorientation of electoral politics. In a district where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by 3,000 voters, successful Democratic candidates often find themselves staking out positions to the right of the rest of the state's party.

In the 5th district Democratic primary for state Senate, Rachelle Feldman-Hurwitz and Cynthia Cummings, two ostensibly moderate candidates, are attempting to add conservative facets to their images. Both candidates mention crime as Carroll County's most pressing issue.

Ms. Feldman-Hurwitz, a community activist, declared her intention to file her candidacy early. The county's Democratic Central Committee apparently decided that she would not be the best nominee to run against incumbent Republican Larry E. Haines. They enticed Ms. Cummings, the president of the Carroll County Education Association, to run a few days before the filing deadline.

Both candidates offer strong credentials and carefully considered positions. With her experience as a negotiator, a role necessary in Annapolis, we give the nod to Ms. Cummings.

For the House of Delegates race, voters will have to pick three candidates. The Sun endorses incumbent Del. Richard N. Dixon, Ellen L. Willis and Philip R. Deitchman.

After three terms in the House, Mr. Dixon, a stockbroker, has carved out a significant role in the General Assembly. He is the only member of Carroll's legislative delegation with real power. Given his leadership role and his attention to the district's needs, he deserves re-nomination.

Ellen Willis, the director of Carroll Community College's business and industry training program, has been active in Democratic politics. She would be an asset in Annapolis and merits a slot on the general election ballot.

Mr. Deitchman, an Eldersburg resident and self-employed businessman, has been active in South Carroll community affairs. He was instrumental in forming the South Carroll Coalition, a citizens' group that deals with growth-related issues. Mr. Deitchman also deserves the opportunity to represent the Democrats in November.

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